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About the Leader of the Expert Team

Miloslav Nic

"Despite working with scientific literature for 25 years now, I can't get enough of the thrill of investigating new publications and scientific data. The world of science has changed so much during my professional career. And it has changed in a positive way, thanks to information technology.

I am an organic chemist by education (Ph.D. at Imperial and University Colleges London), who turned programmer and information science specialist. My passion for science, informatics and ecology led me to several endeavors, which included founding and leading a study programme "Applied Informatics in Chemistry" at the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, and many years of fruitfull cooperation with IUPAC, where I lead development of and served for many years at Committee on Printed and Electronic Publications and Cheminformatics Data Standards within IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry)

I have co-founded EcoMole to transfer my passion for knowledge into boosting innovations of enterprises, NGOs, research institutes and public bodies who want to make evidence-based scientifically supported decisions. "

See my LinkedIn profile if you want to know more about my journey in the world of information science.

I want to speak to Literature and Patent Search Experts NOW

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